Malcolm’s Story

Malcolm was a troubled youth who was identified as an individual with potential. A friendship was built on the basketball court playing 3×3 basketball. When asked the question “What do you want to do with your life?” he said, at 19 years old he had never been fishing and his dream was to become a fireman. He said no one seemed to care about helping him to achieve his goals and he was bored with doing the same old thing each day.Through There’s a Better Way, a friendship and trust.
Through There’s a Better Way, a friendship and trust was built, opening the door to change. There’s a Better Way organised for Malcolm to spend a day at the Mt Roskill Fire Station, and took 6 young people fishing in Thames.

Once he realised some one cared, there was a change in Malcolm. He was more proactive and realised he was capable of reaching his goals. He now works full time at Cemix, with the five other young people from there’s a Better Way programme.

Malcolm has become a youth leader with There’s a Better Way in the Mt Roskill area and is helping to facilitate 3×3 competitions nationwide to spread his story and the There’s a Better Way message.

Malcolm is now Warehouse Manger at CEMIX. Cementing a concrete future for the community and home front.

The Malcolm Story