There’s a Better Way is about working together as one people with one combined resource, in building positive, improved communities. Its about inspiring one another in finding better ways of working together. Its about not allowing unlawful and anti-community behaviour to sneak into our homes & families.

Its about team work in thinking outside the box, in creating pathways for positive change, with our combined resources. Its about standing in the light and proactively contributing in a positive way effecting not only today but creating a platform for tomorrow.


To create platforms for positive change throughout New Zealand, empowering our community groups.
To promote 3×3 basketball and get young people involved in sport. From the street to the world stage. Competing in FIBA endorsed tournaments monthly.
To provide scholarships enabling youth to further their education and careers through the New Zealand Institute of Sport.
To provide positive role models in every community in New Zealand.
To provide employment for our young people, with more companies becoming active participants in their community.
To partner with key organisations throughout New Zealand to promote a positive change.
To raise $200.000 annually to support the There’s a Better Way programme nationally.