My vision and dream is to inspire each other in reaching out to our youth in creating pathways for positive change. In New Zealand the youth gang culture is exploding as more drugs are pushed in our country. It’s getting harder to live and many youth and their families are looking at other ways of making money, Drugs are an easy option.

Less is given to Community groups on the ground and many charities are closing due to a lack of support. Our youth are being shot in the streets with no Community plan to slow down the gang recruitment.

If our leaders give up and see this as to hard to address, we are in a perfect storm.
More education is needed, more Basketball Courts are needed, the wealth must be shared.

Our youth must find a better way. Once in the system they fall into a life of crime which has a devastating effect on them and the Community.

Despite the current situation I refuse to give up. Someone took time to help me when I was 17 years old which changed the direction of my life. With a Basketball, some good advice and a positive role model we can find a better way.

Basketball is our connection strategy. We need a strong strategy to slow down this wave of darkness that is wiping our Communities out one by one.

Never under estimate a spark of positivity and hope. It can turn into a fire of inspiration changing the lives of thousands.

It’s time for change. I am a product of someone who cared enough to help me.

Lets play it forward.

Glen Green MNZM